Why choose ECR for your EPACT (Energy Policy Act 2005) Tax Deduction?

Our Services

Slide renaissance-hotelIn a competitive market place there are other firms that could handle your EPACT tax deduction qualification. What separates ECR from the crowd?

Strong Family Values

In a declining economy you may find that business is becoming more cut throat and you don't know who to trust. ECR is a family owned and operated company bringing family values to the national marketplace. Our team of experienced principals, engineers and tax professionals will earn and keep your trust. With no real sales team most of our business is done on a referral basis.

There is no greater compliment our clients can give our service than that of a referral.

No Distractions

Slide savage renovationMany of our competitors offer other services so your EPACT tax deductions may not be getting the attention they deserve. At ECR we specialize in qualifying your projects for EPACT. That's all we do. We understand that anything that involves taxes also involves deadlines and we are very sensitive to our client's time constraints.


100% Audit Guarantee

Here at ECR we offer a 100% audit guarantee. This means in the event of an IRS audit of deductions we qualified you for we will handle any and all litigation.

Our team of lawyers have the experience and know how to assure you quick and absolute resolution in the event of an audit.


Free feasibility study

ymcaHave a project that you are not sure will qualify for EPACT tax deductions? No problem. At ECR we will perform a free feasibility study that will inform you what if any deductions the building qualifies for, as well as our fee. All this at no cost to you.

#1 in Experience

We have the know how to assure you a hassle free experience. We have modeled hundreds of millions of square feet, qualifying our clients for millions of dollars of tax deductions. We currently are working with several of the top 100 architectual and engineering firms in the US. References available upon request.

You are Covered

We have full Errors and Omissions insurance coverage to complete your confidence with us.